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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


unlocked at lvl 4 on multiplayer, and commonly given during the campaign when playing as ramirez. a great all purpose gun, but with a bit too inaccurate of a sight for my taste.


FAMAS   FAMAS Iron Sight

never assigned during campaign, unlocked at 4 also. a personal favorite because it gets 3 rounds into a player before they can respond. very accurate, but to be used with FMJ or stopping power.


SCAR-H   SCAR-H Iron Sight

low rate of fire but enough damage to make up for it. when not using the famas, I use this. If im using ARs, that is. Another common campaign gun. unlocked at 8


TAR-21   TAR-21 Iron Sight

everyone hates it. its really not that good, because if you cant hit them, they wont die. dropped frequently by russians in campaign, usually with a MARS sight. unlocked at 20


FAL     FAL Iron Sight
unlocked at 28, but I dont like the semi-auto. the accuracy makes it almost like a short range sniper. but up close, our dead. dropped frequently by the militia in campaign.


M16A4 M16A4 Iron Sight
a better famas. dropped by dead friendlies in campaign. unlocked at 40.


ACR  ACR Iron Sight

high accuracy and rate of fire make up for the low damage. spray and pray at close range. given once or twice in campaign when with the TF141. really decent weapon when combined with the right perks/attachments. start shooting at 48.


F2000  F2000 Iron Sight

The TAR, only worse. the M4A1 would be better to put in this place. no damage, no accuracy, no kills. At level 60, you had better have some better strategies.


AK-47   AK-47 Iron Sight

a good gun, sure, but not worth the level 70 that you have to be to earn it. its more of a status weapon than anything. dropped by militia frequently, but always with low ammo.

up next will be attachments and camos. please comment, follow, etc. feel free to refer people here!

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